Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kicking Direct TV to the curb....

Almost a month ago we kicked Direct TV to the curb.
Got tired of the rates going up, them changing the channels
with no prior notice, or dropping a channel without notice.

We used the smallest unit they had.. which I believe it has
125 channels..  but in that count is the music channels we
don't listen to... also we don't do the religious, nor do we do
the sports channels.  So that cuts out a lot.. and of course
you can cross off the commercial (like QVC?)selling
channels as well.  Actually I think we watch about 20
channels off and on. ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, FOX. 
And we watched regularly A&E, DISCOVER, NATIONAL
GEOGRAPHY WILD, and some hunting channel that
the King found. Occasionally CNN, TCM, and AMC.
And that is about it.  That is what? 11 channels.. so guess
it is less than 20. For that we were paying $75 a month.

We now pay nothing. We have an antenna on top of our house from the time before Direct TV. We have the possible of 14 channels or maybe more. but there is 7 of those we wouldn't watched as they are 51.1 thru 51.7 and are religious. I say we have the possibility of it as with all the wind storms we have had over the past 2 and half years, the antenna has shifted over a bit.  Right now we get two channels all the time and a couple others if the weather is right. CBS and NBC.. So we need to go up and turn the antenna slightly. Be nice to have a rotator.
But we haven't gotten around to do it.. because we have been too busy. 

Having just the two channels hasn't been bad actually. It is
the channel 4 series. That is ABC, which also cares the METV ...Memories Entertainment TV. Which carries, just about any 1960 show you want to see. Bonanza, Big Valley, Dragnet, Gillian's Island, Rifleman, Mod Squad, Adam 12, and etc.
I refer to it as the dead actor channel, as we have spent
our time asking each one of us... is he or she still alive??

So we are saving $75 a month. And it isn't so agitating
when the King falls asleep most of the time in front of the tv
and paying $75 for that.

And if we get bored?  We can read a book or play games. 

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marlu said...

I wish we could drop the ones we don't use. The way the tiers are set up here, we have to get a whole bunch we don't want just to get one that we do want!
$200 per month with no HBO or Showtime. No competition until just recently.
How crazy are we?