Monday, July 07, 2014

A bad day at fishing is a ...................

Actually I don't think there is a bad day of fishing...

 I finally got rid of my jonah reputation... I not only caught a fish, but I caught the first TWO fish. 
 This is one of my favorite views... we were heading to our fishing area.... 
 and this is how we finished the day off... with 8 fish.. and I got 4 of them.. yeah!!

  This was a beautiful view we could see as we were trolling along... looking north

This is day 2 of fishing... the secret bait is corn.. the King 
fishes with maggots and corn..  I did straight corn.. did just
as well as he did.  It isn't that I was scared to do the maggots,
it is just corn was just as good and easier to put on the tiny 

 The King trying to get his tiny maggot on.. 
 Sunday we did better than we did on Friday....... we got 21 on Sunday This time the King out fished me .. I got about 7..

 There were others out there fishing as well.. just a wonderful day to be fishing..

 couple of the homes on the lake side..

Yep, 21 of them.. these are blue backs by the way...


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