Wednesday, July 02, 2014

I love this part of the year...

 Love the color of these..
 these didn't get weeded.. but the oats is a nice touch with it. 
 These Lilies were a surprise.. I forgot I planted them last late summer..

 Lavender roses

 yellow roses are starting..
front Lily
 This has been one of my more difficult is a long stem white rose... gave this one to my neighbor who is fighting cancer.. has a wonderful smell.
 these are cherry tomatoes... 3 of them in a big pot.. figured I would give it a try
 these are cucumbers in a pot also..

 this is my early clematis... they flowers can get up to 12 inches ...these are only about 6

 one peeking out from the leaves.

As we approach the middle of summer, the flowers are plentiful.
As one series goes out.. like the Peonies, Irises, Tulips, Snowball
bushes and Lilacs... in comes the Lilies, and the Roses and Clematis
 While the Pansies stay around with the Johnny Popups.

And then the vegtables start to spring up with a bounty for the
dinner table.  Radishes, green onions, lettuces with strawberries
for dessert.  

With promises of cabbages, apples, tomatoes, soon on the horizon.  

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