Monday, July 21, 2014

Not a good week.....

This has not been a good week...  Accidents, fires and planes shot down.
Heart ache for all those involved and the families at home.

Washington state has had the most.. At the same time, they had a 20
vehicle  pile up in the middle of the state.. 9 semi's and 11 cars.  Road
blocked for days.. and this is the East - West corridor to Washington.

Add to that. the fires in mid Washington State.  Now almost a week later,
they are all still burning. 4 of them, wiping out a full town. Churches,
post offices, over 100 homes.. all there is left is ashes..  There is
talk about  how the 4 might join each other, spelling out disaster for
the state.  Everyone praying for the firemen, who are working 12 to 20
hours each before getting an 8 hours off.. More firemen coming to the
state to help...  Families displaced.  Family homes, some 80 years old,
left to ashes. Others don't know their fate yet, as they had to leave and
hope and pray they have something to come home to. Animals let loose
to fend for themselves, as there wasn't enough time to transport to other
places.   Safe havens are being closed down as they are under threat
of fire as well...

And then internationally we have an innocent plane full of everyday
people shot down after it cross the borders of a country that has a
civil war going on.  It is bad enough that the people lost their love
ones in this wreck, but to watch the rebel take the bodies of their love
ones, to let strangers pick the pockets of their love ones... adds to
the agony.  

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