Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Morning walk views...

This is part of my walk, the more enjoyable part.
Rest is just the streets and traffic..

Walking down McGhee Road

Turning off the beaten path...
Across the rocky road..

Some day.. hopefully soon.. this will be east 2nd Street 

into the open field.. still going to be part of east 2nd  street...

This showed up last Friday.. don't know if someone stole it and digged it here or what.

looking back at what use to be Coldwater Creek...

There will be more houses here... maybe next year? 
talk of it being called Boise Loop.. hope they come
up with a better name. They figure about 35 houses to the

This is our addition this year.. 7 houses so far.. with room for 4 to 5 where the field is.

I have been walking every day.. Monday thru Friday at about
7am.  I was trying to get my length stretched out to 3.4 miles
Wanted to do a 5 K walk, but didn't get in shape in time ... but
figured I would keep going to help with getting more distance.
Maybe this fall I can do a 5 K.

Trouble is I have a problem with my right hip. Ever since the
Dr. did a marrow test on me 3 years ago, and hit a nerve..
I can't get the  distance up. I can do a mile and half, fairly comfortable.
Trying to stretch it out more, by adding a block every 3 days. but
ending up limping the last 3 blocks.

Really irritates me as I use to walk alot. I could do 3 or 4 miles
with easy. And with speed.  When I was a kid, I could do between
7 to 10 miles per hour, depending on type of road.. Rocky roads
slowed me some.   And even just 4 years ago, I was doing 3.8
miles in 40 minutes.  I have always been a fast walker. And I do
start out with gusto. By about 3/4 way thru, I am slowing down.
Got to work on that.

Also I have help.. 2 Aleve's and 3 tiger balm patches or my hip
would never let me make it past the 2 block down.  Can't understand

why the exercise hasn't help this.  Got to work on it. 

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