Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Practicing for HELL...

We had a lot of 90+ weather about 2 weeks ago and the last week we
had a nice cool off week.  My kind of weather.. 72 to low 80's.

90+ is not my kind of weather.. I end up having the house like a cave.
All the windows curtains are pulled and if it is really bad, I turn on the
AC.  And that is where I am today.. suppose to be 99 here in Idaho.

Some areas are having over 100.. I don't do 100+.. that is when I really
hibernate..   When the King went down to help his brother paint his
house, it was 108 to 112.. he couldn't get out of there fast enough.

That is what I call, practicing for HELL... for those who think maybe
Hell isn't as bad as they think it could be.. and if they don't make it to
Heaven, then it isn't so bad... But I think a week of 100+ will change
their minds and ways...

We are promised 94 and up for the next 6 days... that is even too hot
to go fishing.. I guess I could break down and go swimming.. haven't
been this year..  The lake is always too cold for me.. I am not like I
use to be, when I was young, run and jump in.. and going in easy is
more painful.  but I might just  take a chance on it tomorrow, or
maybe this afternoon.. First I have to find my bathing suit. ah, heck
where are my shorts and tank top..

So enjoy the weather.. and remember.. it is a lot worse else where.
AND, as my mother use to say.. THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

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