Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Can you imagine?

It is 2024 and the Boomers are turning 80.
Many of them still very active.  Some of the widows may turn
to assisted living, or senior apartments... when they can no longer
do the yard work and the other chores their husbands did.
But some of them will be heading into health care centers.

If you have gone into a health care center (use to be referred to
as nursing homes) in 2014, you know there is a wide range still
of 70's to 100's.  The centers are clean, there is a mutual dining
room, set up like a restaurant with mild music drifting in from the
walls... Instrumentals type music, we refer to it as wall paper music.
Bingo will be of the past, maybe Mexican Train or something like that.

But in the year 2024, it will be rock and roll, even some hard rock.
Fat's Domino, Little Richard, Elvis.. will be wailing in the
background...   Tied-dye clothing for activities, oh it will be a
good one..  They will have sock hops, and ice cream parlors,
and wigs of the hairdo's of the 50's and 60's... A few of the
80 year olds will have a tattoo or two... And how will the
workers look at their residents? Will they shake their heads
in wondering how we can stand that type of music?

BUT WAIT.. wait until 2035.... then you will really see a sight.
There will be body tattoo's, and  body piercing,  The music in the
walls will be rap, acid rock, with a dash of Beyonce and Lady
GaGa for good measure... what will they make of a man named
Pit Bull? and Usher?  A few from Michael Jackson..
Some of them trying to touch the keyboards of their phones,
which will be so out of sync. Because the workers will be
able to just think a thought and it will be picked up by the
person they are thinking of.  As seniors look out the window
at vehicles flying by, and single people powered by jets, that
take them here to there.

And who knows.. maybe there won't be health care centers in
2035... maybe you will just check in to the hospital and have
your wore out body parts replaced, much like a car. With a cure
of cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer's.. there won't be
broken bodies and minds.  Who knows, maybe the population
will slow down, and people won't be dying.. but just getting
tune ups.

That is a year I can pass on, I like it just fine the way it is..
Even with all the diseases that take us out at any age.  Never

had the desire to live for ever...

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