Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Slow blogging and days are long...

My blog is waning... can't come up with things..
What I have been doing lately, I can't talk about.
Or at least can't blog about. Confidentially.

The fires have been commented on all over the media.
Other than being grateful that there is none here.. and
the greatness of the men and women in the field.. which
everyone is grateful for their service.. there isn't any more
to add.

Even readership is down.. I am being hit below 20 daily.
The last high one was, the one I wrote about my brother
passing.  It is the usual thing for summers.. People have
lots to do in the summer, so all the blogs have readship
low rates.

I would take the summer off. But kind of afraid, if I get
use to not writing.. I will give it all up for good. And I
kind of like to stick it out until my 10th anniversary
in March of 2015.

So the days are long, and I am enjoying them. Even
when it is just mowing the lawn and lunches with
good friends.  Throw in fishing on weekends with
my favorite guy.. and barbeque with friends.

So hang in there, dear readers.. and those who aren't
reading because they are busy enjoying the summer,
no apologies needed.   So enjoy the summer, as it
is almost half over.. and I feel like it just got started.

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