Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It is summer time and the roads are tore up....

We all have a love/hate of summer time..

We love the weather, we love the bar-b-ques.
We love heading to the water.. be it fishing or
swimming.  The sports are alive and well.
The cook outs, visiting... vacationing, yep...
it is all good with us.

But we HATE road construction.  the waiting in
a hot car if you aren't lucky enough to have A/C.
Or just waiting.. or if you didn't allow enough time.
you are late and not happy.

It doesn't matter if it is city, state or federal. It
all is the pits.

Here at our place, we have the state tearing up
the roads. Last week for 2 or was it 3 days of
waiting 25 minutes to get 3 miles. Getting from
the city of Hope to the City of Sandpoint took a
lot of patience. Same thing going from Ponderay
(just outside of Sandpoint) to Hope. The wait..
Then getting to go, only to have to go 3 miles and
wait again. One area, just trying to get out of the
mess, involved a turning lane light and the railroad
tracks. So if you made it thru the traffic light after
4 switches.. and thought you were free.. only to
see the gates come down and lights start for the
train that came down the tracks.. for another 10

What gets me, is the fact they tore up the end
of our road which joins the Highway, (and
every road in Kootenai) last MONTH.  So we
have gently drove on to hwy 200 over the 2 inch
cut in the road. And very gently and slowly going
off hwy 200 (and hoping the car behind you, doesn't
ram your backend as you enter the city roads).

Now they have laid out a 2 and half inch layer of
tar on the south side of the hwy 200, for 3 blocks.
That is it.. that was Thursday. Now it is Tuesday
morning.. it is still the same.  When are they coming
back to finish up the job?  And as far as I am
concern.. my humble opinion, that is... why do they
tear up something, that they aren't going to finish in
a day or two?

And don't even get me started about the junction of
Hwy 95 and Kootenai Cutacross Road... they have
been tearing up that area almost a year.. and it
doesn't seem like it is going to be done any time soon.
Don't even see workmen there anymore. And it is a maze
to drive thru on the Kootenai Cutacross side, with the
entrance of Walmart blocked off. The one that is used
the most. Surprised that Walmart hasn't complained.

Summer time and living isn't always easy..

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