Thursday, July 03, 2014


I have been trying to get myself back into walking again..
I use to do 3 miles a day, before... about 6 or more years ago.
I did it for about 2 years... two summers and one winter.
The next winter was more icy, so fearing a broken leg at my
age, I decided to past until Spring.. But like all things we stop,
it is hard to get back into the groove.

But I have known for a year that my legs are not as strong as
they use to be.. and I NEEDED to get back into it..
Thought when the doctor told the King he should be walking
for exercise.. that I would have a partner and it is so easy with
a partner.. But he is worse than I am about getting started.

If it is a project HE wants to do, he goes at it in a strong force.
And usually finishes it up with in a day or two. But if the
project gets stalled, then he runs out of steam.. and it gets
put on hold.. Like his truck.. we are on year 12 now, since
he took it apart.  But I digress.  This isn't about him, it is
about my procrastinating. Although, we seem to be partners
in the procrastinating..

So I got up Wednesday and was determine to start.  I dragged
myself out the door, after I found my earphone radio I have
and turn it to rock station, and off I went. I went around the two
block wide / block and half deep, path I decide to start with.
When I got back to the front of the house, I decided to push
it a little more and went around another block... making 10
block long walk... which I guess that is considered 1 mile.
It isn't much, but it is a start.  Even if I did kind of limp
a little on the last half block.

So tomorrow.. I will be off again.. and hopefully can add
one more block to go around.  I need to do 3. 5 miles by the
12 with ease, or I am going to lose my goal of last year.
I did the 3 K walk.. and I did it with fair ease and with speed.
I am a fast walker, so figured I could do a 5 K this year.
Had I been doing this since March, I would be in good shape.
But of course I didn't.

So if you see an old broad, walking down HWY.200 in the am,
with a black hat and earphones on, that is me.. Hopefully not


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