Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wasted hour... the siege goes on...

I figured I would give it a try.. Getting out of Kootenai.
After all I knew the secret way out.. down my road and
then across the dirt road, connect up with McGhee Road.
And it worked. Got to the light, the flag person flagged

I went and did my errands, stopped by Walmart and
picked up a few things.. and headed for home. It was
15 to 10 am. Got a lot done.

I live 4 minutes from Walmart. 4 minutes... but it took
me almost an hour to get to my house from Walmart.
I got home at 10:35 am.

I started out and go up half way on Kootenai Cutacross
road.  Then inched up the road as each car in front gave
up the ship, and turn around.  Made it all the way up
to the tracks and across to the 3rd car in line at the light.
We all sat there... our group... the group coming from
Ponderay heading east. The light changed 6 flaming times!!

Then finally the group that was sitting across the light heading
east, moved.  The west bound was finished.  Some of the cars
moved like it was a race track... tired of sitting there for 20
or more minutes.  And lucky for my group.. some of them
were so shocked that they couldn't move. One car died and
the others were trying to get around it.  At which time the
rotation of the light was in our favor... and we got to go.

I could see the anger in the face of the woman who was first
in line on the Ponderay side of the light. She had been sitting
there way longer than we had.  Yet we were going and filling
up the space again.. so she couldn't move...for how much longer?
As the light had changed in her favor, but there was no where to go.

Now I am 3 from the rear of the group. And we wait.. and wait
in line... no cars going anywhere. Then they let some cars go,
but stopped us, as there was some cars coming down
the side road.  Now I am finally in the turn lane. And I sit.

After about 40 cars go by... I finally.. finally get the signal
to go. I floor board it like I was shot out of a cannon. Free...
Free, free at last.  Down the road, cross the secret path
and home.. An hour I will never get back.. but heard there
were a lot worse ones than mine.. And they say this work
will go on until September.. that is the bad news.. the good
news is that they should be done with what is in front of the
town in a week...  God I hope so.

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