Wednesday, July 09, 2014

This is the post I never wanted to write...

                       3 out of the 4 favorite people in his life

Gilbert Leroy.... 12-23-xxxx ....7-8-2014
Roy to his friends...and he had many....

Roy started out as the youngest child of Gilbert and Mary.
Raised up by them, with the help of his older sister, Cis.

Roy was the average boy.. full of fun, lots of friends, and
tormentor of his older sister. Living the average life of a
child growing up in the 40's and 50's.  He was my kid
brother.  We weathered a life of having a mother who
wasn't sure what to do with children.. animals she knew
well..  so we had each other's back. I was the one he would
threaten the bullies with.. "wait until my big sister hears
about this"... it helps to be 4 years older.
And we made it thru our childhood safe and sound.

As an adult he flourished, as man of his own.. A kind hearted
man. Always helping friends and even strangers.  In his line
of work at a gas station, delivering oil to homes, installing and
repairing heating stoves.

But there was much more. He signed up to be a volunteer
fireman for the town of Jamestown.. Jamestown, the birth
place of our father. A small island across the bay from Newport.
He raised in the ranks over the years. Commanding
one of the big fire trucks. Becoming a Commander, a leader of
men.  Not just of the fire trucks but of the Rescue wagon as well.
Serving for more years than I can remember. Still going to meetings
until just last month.  His son followed in his foot steps.
His family had a radio and alarm that sounded in his home, and
did many times during the night...

Being one not to be a slacker, he also ran a business on the
side. He mowed lawns and landscaping in the summer, and
plowed snow during the winter.  His son followed his footsteps.

Now throw in, being a son of parents, who had a farm. Who was
called on to help out on many things that it takes to run a farm.
Especially during hay time. It was nothing to get a call in the
evening.. "We have hay down, and baling tomorrow.. can you
and your friends come?"  And of course the answer was always yes.
No matter what plans he had for the day.

He was the type of guy who if he heard of a need, he would do
his best to help out, if he couldn't do it, he would find someone
who could. When far away relatives showed up, he would make
sure they got to make the rounds to local relatives.

I can remember returning to the state in the late 1970's. I got to
see him in action..  Before he was just my kid brother, father of
two kids, and a good husband.. But after spending 4 years there,
I left to come back out west to Idaho. I left feeling such pride
in the kid, who became a man.

Roy's wife Dorothy always stood by his side, thru thick and
thin.. They both took their vows of for better or worse very
seriously. With the ups and downs of life, they always had
each other's back.  He has a daughter, Diane, who was his
shining star... Daddy's girl..  Watched her grow up from his
little girl to a woman he admired. Loving her family.
And a son, who shared part of his name, who became his
buddy.  Watching him grow from a little guy, to a man he
admired. With his family living close by, he enjoyed his
grandchildren who brought him a lot of laughter.

But now it seems that God needs this man, and has walked
him up to the clouds, to where our parents and aunts and
uncle, who he will join. 

This man, leaves a huge hole in the lives of not only his
family, but so many friends he has met, helped, worked
beside, played beside. This man leaves a hole in my heart.
And even though we tormented each other as children.. he
is a great man, who I admire.  God Bless... Roy... safe
journey... and I know you will be your family's guardian

This man, leaves us ... WAY TOO SOON...  Aunt Harriet,
Mom and Dad.. you take good care of him.

Dang it, I knew he was going to go first...
Oh, God, I can hear him now.. MOM...DAD.. you
should hear what Cis did now... he was always a tattle tailer.

Good bye little buddy.... 


MarmiteToasty said...

Oh Cis, I'm so sorry for the loss of your beautiful. Rother, he sounds like the most wonderful man.... Know you and your family are in my tho it's as you go through this difficult time...much love to you dear always ..Mel x

Marianne Love said...

So sorry to hear of your loss, Cis. Will be keeping you in my thoughts. As you know, this is the week of contemplating our own loss of a year ago, so I do not even need to imagine the magnitude of this time for you. Take care. Marianne

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

I am so sorry for your loss, Cis. What a wonderful tribute.

Mari Meehan said...

Just catching up on my reading...I'm so sorry CIs.