Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Driving Mr. G

Now that the King has had eye surgery.. he can't drive. Which means I drive.. Now I purposely don't drive when he is well. It isn't the "man should be the driver" bit.  It is a matter of survival. Or sanity.

My sanity that is... and I almost forgot what that was until Monday
afternoon.  And Tuesday was worse.  I can hardly wait until he
can drive himself again.

See I seem to manage driving to town, to the mall, to Walmart,
quite well every day that I drive.  ALONE.. 

Yesterday, Tuesday, I almost hit someone.. because I was slowing
down and he screams at me.. YOU ARE GETTING TO CLOSE!
I about jumped out of my skin..and almost took my foot off of the brake.
I was 10 feet away or more. 

I also seem to be able to pick the right lane when coming to
an intersection. But he started with .. "you are in the wrong lane."
"YOU are in the wrong lane.". (I explain I knew where I was
going) and then it was "YOU ARE IN THE WRONG LANE."

As I pulled across the intersection of HWY 95 and Kootenai
Cut-across road.. The car next to me turn left and I went
straight where I was going.. then a meek, "Well, if that
car had gone straight, you would have been pushed over".
It is hard to keep your mouth shut while you are biting
your tongue..


But I have to do it all over again in 2 weeks. 

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