Thursday, September 11, 2014

Where were you?

I am old enough to have several WHERE WERE YOU?
Today, most of the world is doing the WHERE WERE YOU
ON 9-11?

But I can tell you .. where I was when Kennedy was shot.
I can tell you where I was when the space ship blew up
on January 28, 1986.
I actually don't remember where I was when Oklahoma
court house was blown up.  That is odd.
I know where I was when the world turn from 1999 to
And of course for today.. I know where I was for 9-11.
Is there anything else that we should remember where we
were, for what?  I can't think of anything.

But to answer the question of the day.. I was at work,
actually pulling out of the parking lot at work, when the
first plane hit.  I had just turn on the radio as I pulled
out on to the street. The announcer was talking to the
other one, about a plane hitting a building in New York.
Just that.. a plane hit one of the buildings.  In New York.

As I traveled along down the road on my way home.. it
became, they thought it was a private plane, not sure.
Then it became the World Trade Center was hit by a
plane. And then ...rumor it was a bigger plane, as
I pulled into my driveway and turn off the radio.

I went inside, turn on Good Morning America, New York.
I use to get the New York channels at that time thru DISH.
And the reporters were a buzz with the news. AND THEN
GOD.. it was a airliner.. Then word that the first one was
a ... airliner,  as well. My daughter called. She was getting
ready for work, .... DID YOU SEE THE NEWS, MOM.
Yes, I am watching it.. I was watching New York ABC..
she was watching NBC Spokane.  We talked as we watch
in amazement.. How could two airliners lose it and hit
the same building.. She had to leave for work. Told her
I would email her with updates when she got there. She
said on NBC, they said someone said one had hit the
Pentagon. Told her I would let her know.

Moments later, it was confirmed that one had hit the Pentagon.
News crew were heading there as fast as they could. New York
is going crazy.. people running, dust all over everyone and thing.
And then came in news of a plane going down in Pennsylvania.
HAD THE WORLD GONE CRAZY?  I emailed my daughter.
She said that is ok, Mom, the whole building is watching on
televisions and monitors. Talk to you tonight.

And every one knows the rest of the story... as we all remember
this day.

About 20 minutes of the horror we saw.. the second plane had
hit.. it dawn on me... my morning routine at work was to get
two ladies up, turn on their television, and let them watch until
it was breakfast time.   Oh, my gosh.. what did they see?  Did
they think, and I had hoped they did.. think it was a movie?

As we all know now, the world had gone crazy that day, and
it hasn't gotten any better since then..     

Also in sadness.. there are some .. who are like my niece,
Barbara ... whose birthday is 9-11 of every year... hard to

be happy on your birthday... while everyone one else is sad. 

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