Wednesday, September 03, 2014


Oh, at least anyone listening to us, would think that..
Either that or they would think he was going to kill me.

This Labor Day weekend, we CHOSE .. foolishly, to
clean out our little garage.. It has needed it for years.
(now most wives have figure out the title to this post)

We have a shelf above around 3 sides.. and a counter
on one and half sides . Back and right half side.. and
then the back has a shelf below and the floor. The
right side has a large opening and two areas with doors.
The area with doors was easy, as it as a crock in one.
And some big thingie majig tool of his.. The large
opening is full of canning jars, pressure cooker and etc.
So that was easy.

Now the rest should have been easy, but that isn't the
way the King and I work.  I was going to take the left
side, as it has the 3 closets with house hold stuff. They
are between the freezer and the extra refrigerator. I
didn't want him telling me what to keep and what not
to keep. As he has the general idea that to get rid of
everything.. Unless it is his ... of course.

The right side was his car stuff.. (all kinds of spray
cans, and etc.)  His fishing stuff.. and that was a
short 5 foot area. I could care less what he kept and
didn't.  The back area was his to do as it had everything.
The counter has become a catch all. There is a vise and
a sander thingie attached to the work bench.. but they
have not been seen in quite some time. There is bags..
lots of small bags .. which hold different screws of different
sizes, that he has bought because he couldn't find the last
bag or it is a different size.. then there is lots of bags of
nails.. same reason.. Then there is bags of just stuff.. There
is assortment of tools.. I try to hang up the tools when I use
them, as he is a real stickler for putting tools back. Mostly
when it had to do with the kids or I.  His putting them back
is a crap shoot.  Near by is good enoug.. Anyway this pile
was, without exaggerating 18 inches to 2 feet tall.
The work bench is 20 feet long. Then there is the shelf
below.. with so many different colors of spray cans of paint. 
And quart size and half gallon sizes of paint. There is a box of
plumbing stuff, that I put there 8 years ago, when my
grandson and I clean this whole garage out and transferred
two wagon loads to his garage. (he was not happy) 
We did this while he went hunting for a week.  On the very
top, is totes that he and I did after our kitchen remodel.
There is 3 boxes of paint stuff. Tarps, brushes enough to
paint the Gold Gate Bridge, sticks for stirring, something
that you hold on the edge so you don't get paint on the other
side.. 3 of those. Rollers of different sizes.
and all that good stuff.. There is the electric tote, with everything
to do with electric... switch covers, plug ins, caps,  screws, and
etc. And then the last one has wiring.. for telephones, television,
stereo's and etc. ... That is one side.   The other side has hunting,
camping, fishing and etc. I don't go there..  And along the side,
the right top is suitcases, electric cooler, sleeping blankets, etc.
And the extra large  double hooks hangs 18.. yes folks, 18 different
fishing poles and their reels.  There is the lake poles, the ocean
poles, and the shore line poles... didn't see my favorite though..
fly fishing pole.. wonder where they went to.

So there we are.. sorting .. throwing in the middle of the
garage, taking outside along side the garage for next weeks
yard sale.(well, one of us was)..and what to keep.
Now I am taking it out to a table and sorting,
he is throwing in the middle of the floor, all the way down to
the door. 

He had gone to get some boxes so he could box up stuff. Not
sure to keep or not.. But when he couldn't find one of the bigger
ones, and wanted to know where it went. (there were 3). I told
him, I used one.. He had a tizzy fit. Yelling, I got those for me
to use for certain things..  Not happy, but went and dumped
them out and gave him the boxes.. in not the most Christian
language..  Something in the line of being selfish over stupid
boxes. And maybe worse.. He answered in kind.  And ranted
when he couldn't find his broom.. and where did I put it. 
Ranted about where did he place some of his stuff and what
did I do with it.. AND  THEN he said.. well, are you going
to apologized ? I laughed..
All I can tell you is we have a fences around our place.. and we
were in our garage.. but if the neighbors had been home,
they would have thought we were going to kill each other.

And lo and behold, when I clean up the middle, where he
was throwing things.. THERE, IN THE MIDST OF IT ALL..
was HIS other box he had a fit over.  With a sheepish look
he said.. Oh, well, I guess you can use these... Told him
I wasn't touching his stinking box, even if it was gold..

We started at 7:30am.. and by 2 pm.. we were done. The
garage looks nice, the yard sale stuff is piled for next week...
and he took a load to the dump... AND I DIDN'T KILL HIM.

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