Thursday, September 25, 2014

Is it time to go?

The numbers are down... but then they usually are in the
summer time.. Winter is when most don't have anything
else to do... so they tend to check in from time to time..

I am not a big time blogger. I am a drop on the floor from
the pail of water... spilt when others advertise or suggest
my blog for reading.  So I average about 22 a day. about
150 a week...(when I have a local event on I can get
up to 70).. Mine is not like friends who I know... who blog and
get numbers like 150 per day.  Some are still going strong,
while others blog once a week, unless they have fuel
for the fire and do a series on what is upsetting the apple
cart of life.  I am talking about the non paying blogs.

One of the ones that gives me a spot on the honor roll
of the day is Dave Oliveria on Spokane Review's  blog
Huckleberries online... HBO to most of us... and he
is the reason why this blog got started.  He gives me
a spot on the honor roll from time to time.. I think out
of respect for me, because I was one of the few first
one to encourage him, when he started blogging and
question if it was the right thing to be doing.. after all
his was a full fledged reporter on the Spokane Review
and this blogging was a new breed of media.

So he will continue for a long time.. and I foresee my other
helper to this blog,  (as I read hers and the top line said
from Blogspot, do you want to start a is as easy
as 1..2..3..and I thought ...yea, right, but they were right)
and that blog is Slight Detour ...Hers started out as joint
adventure with her kid brother drawing the cartoons. And
the readers have come a long way with Marianne over
the years.. trips to Ireland, who's who of Sandpoint and
etc.  And what country living is like.. marvelous in Idaho.

So as I see my numbers dive down under 100, I wonder
if it is time to go.. Going to try to stick it out until March
5th.. the beginning of this blog 10 years ago... But we
will see.  After all, all good things have to come to an
end some day... or maybe I could make it weekly
instead of 4 day week. lol... wean myself off... as it has
been fun and I always said, I would continue as long as
it was fun.   While some days are hard to come up with

subject... it is still fun. 

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