Thursday, September 04, 2014

Over all, not bad....

This past weekend, it seems we got more accomplished
than the whole summer.  Well, maybe not quite.. but
we did get a lot done.

We had a lot of stuff on one side of our big garage.. You
know a-collect-all. wood, metal and just junk and a
couple of a 47 Ford pickup up frame and etc.
Well, now all that stuff is picked up, and the stuff left
is line up like soldiers... and we weed whacked all the
tall weed and grass that was there.  Quite an accomplishment
when you know it took us 6 years to get it in the mess it
was in.

Then we were out in the back half of the yard.. Where
stuff from the garden acclimated. We hauled the roller
and wagon we had borrow from our daughter a couple
years ago, Then clean up the tubing we use to have
for a green house cover. And weed whacked that grass
that was 3 feet tall near the fence.

So add in the cleaning out the little garage, we did
pretty well.  For two old farts..

Sadly in just 2 to 3 weeks we will start dismantling
all the yard art, lights, and etc. and get ready for
winter. Bring out the tote boxes, fill them up and
stack them away... Clean out the boat spot where
we have been throwing stuff.. So we can put the
boat back in..

I don't want to even think about that.. I am not
ready to give up summer yet.. besides we still
haven't sat out there after dark and have our fire
in the pit.

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