Monday, September 29, 2014

Keeping track of family is giving me a headache...

I found a book at a yard sale over the weekend.
I bought it for my niece. I figured because I have
all this information.. maybe she would like it.

All I have to do is fill out the blanks. Real easy,
right? As they said.. easy peasy.. NOT..

I was doing well in the beginning.. My brother,
(this is for his daughter) my parents, my grand
parents, and then great grandparents .. all going
well.. Then it was touch and go.

Why? After all I have information... fill in the blanks.
Well, the book skips back and forth. See it isn't just
for my niece.. or start with her.. it starts out with her
AND HER husband..  So leaving all of his side blank
as I don't know.. And then there is my sister in laws
side.. I don't know.. so leaving that blank as well.
And if they had the pages following that side.. I would
get along fairly well..

But they jump back and forth.. and it is the father's
side of the mother's side... grandfather... and then
great grandfather of the wife's side of the father's side..
well, you get the picture..

Finally had to put it away.. I was getting a flaming
headache... Be nice to have it just for one side.. and
then after.. do the other side.  All I know is that I
need a break.  Also have to get more paper work out.

Maybe I should have done it on a winter day.. as I also
look out the window and my yard is calling me.. lol

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