Monday, September 08, 2014

This is NOT your father's war....

The way the country heads act, you would think this was WWII.
The journalist.. act like they are reporting on Vietnam war. That
reporting and getting caught is ok, just uncomfortable  until their country retrieves them. That after the war, they get to go home like all the prisoners do. 

But this war, and like it or not.. it is a war. We have troops on the ground, everywhere. Be they fighting or being they are consultants. As far as I am concern if our guys and gals are getting killed over there, it is still a war. It sure isn't a social gathering.

The war is so much different than any war we have ever been in for the past 100+ years.   For one, the only ones in uniform are.. our troops. So they know where our guys are.. and they aren't confused with the natives.
Theirs, on the other hand, are looking like anyone else.. maybe the gun might
give them away..but there are a lot of the good guys who walk around looking the same and have guns.   These cut throats hid their ammo and men with the women and children.. and then scream if our side bombs the building.. even tho their missiles are flying out of that same building.

Journalist, like Ernie Pyle, and such, did not run against cut throats like these. Some of the Japanese may have torture, and even the Germans might have..but I don't recall them torturing the writers.  First of all, the journalist had the good sense to stay behind the troops.  And as horrible as the two countries were to our troops with their tortures.. some how they didn't think writers were
worth the trouble.

Now we have a community of cut throats who have no respect or regard for ANY human. Be it the enemy, their neighbor, or even family members are at risk.  And surely Americans are on the top of their list, for being on the top of the food chain, so to speak. They don't care if the man is German, French, British, or any other country. They will kill them all. The people of the world scream if a soldier, be he one of ours, or the other nations, kills
what they consider civilians.. Yet say little when a head is cut off on one of our own.  A protest of indignity for a day or two and then back to business as usual. These fighters, could care less.. if anything... they count on it.  It gives license to do more.

The United Nation and all the countries who are trying to fight this war, have no idea how to win it. They have no idea how to fight it. ... because they have no comprehension of how these fighters think. Or how far they will go. Again.. they have no uniforms.. no particular outstanding looks that difference them from their countrymen who are not fighting.. So they slip in our country,
England, and others, basely undetected.  We even have the twisted mind of our own countrymen who want to join these savages. Turn coats, so to speak.
They think they will have power.. self power... a savage master.

We need to keep the journalist out of those countries..  They are not only signing their own death warrant, but endangering those who try to protect them. Their job is not worth the risk and unfair to their families. Once our country person goes into another country.. we have no guarantee that we will ever see them again,

unless it is on the national news. Not in a positive way. 

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