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A couple of months ago, I became aware of a book being written by two young ladies.. I presume the had something to do with the Jamestown Historical Society.  The name of the book was Legendary Locals of Jamestown.
I couldn't wait to get it.. I sat down with a cup of coffee to start to read... after reading some of the story of the island itself... I skipped thru to find my family. Nothing.. so looked in the index.. there was 3 Richardson's.  Who did deserve to be in the book, at least Edith Richardson did. After all she was the first woman Postmaster ever in the United States.  And two of her sons were in there. Who still live there. Aunt Edie as we knew her, had passed on a long time ago. But
not a mention of her husband.. our Uncle Alfred.. who ran a gas station across from the ferry landing.

Sorry folks, but I was pissed. Not one word about my grandfather, nor my great grandfather.. Or even my Uncle Harold who carried on running the family gas station/ garage. Nothing. There are 6 generations of my direct family of JAMESTOWNERS... so you can click out and go on
your way if you would like..readers.. but I am going to make sure that the internet has somewhere.. that our family did and still does exist.

We start out with the first one..

Aaron Richardson..(first generation) and his wife Augusta
Johnson Richardson. Dropping the extra s... came here from Sweden.. the same town.. and got married 1878 in Newport, R.I. 
Aaron was a farmer and they moved to a little island,
called Jamestown.  There they raised several children. 7 of them. 4 girls and 3 sons.  One of which was my grandfather. Lived most of his life and is buried in Jamestown, R.I.

Aaron R. Richardson, (second generation) was 4th in place among their children. Aaron R. was
born, raised in Jamestown. As a very young man he met a young woman, Harriet E. Chase, school teacher, from the small island of Prudence Island. 
He courted her by rowing his skiff from the north end of Jamestown, where her father's farm was to the southern tip of Prudence Island.
In 1907 they went to Manhattan, N.Y. to get married. Moving in to Aaron's sister's boarding house on Jamestown.  
Thru several moves, and running a livery stable with a
business partner, he finally settled with a horse and buggy taxi to each side of the island where the ferries landed. Taking travelers from side to side to meet the other ferry.  Added to the family was 3 son's and one daughter. In the 1920's he changed over to cars.
Then taking over the John E. Watson Store at 29 Narragansett Ave.  they did deliveries to the summer residents as well as taxi service  to the ferries. And in the late 1920's and early 30's he with his oldest son A. Richard (the II) built and ran a gas station/garage.
At the end of WWII, youngest son Harold took over the garage which by this time, became a Ford dealership. And Aaron started a Dodge dealership in Newport, R.I. and a Ford dealership in Middletown ...  Having a heart attack in 1947. Born in Jamestown, lived all but 5 years in Jamestown, did business in Jamestown and is buried in Jamestown, R.I.

F. Gilbert Richardson, (third generation)  second son of
Aaron Richard Richardson. Born in Jamestown, raised in Jamestown, and buried in Jamestown, R.I.

G. Leroy Richardson. (fourth generation) . the weak link of the Richardson's of Jamestown. As he was neither born, nor is he buried in Jamestown.
He is the son/second child of F. Gilbert Richardson...
BUT he lived with his wife Dorothy, their two children, and worked in Jamestown, R.I. for over 30 years. He was on the Jamestown Fire Dept. staff for most of those years. He was a fireman, worked on the search and rescue crew and the ambulance service of Jamestown, R.I. for most of those 30 years. He with that crew took good care of the people in Jamestown, R.I.

Now we come to the 5th generation... Leroy M. Richardson.. born and raised, lives and works (as he is still there) in Jamestown, R.I.
Second child, and son of G. Leroy Richardson. He followed
his father's footstep by joining the Jamestown Fire
Dept.  and he and his wife Naomi, are raising the 6th generation , as his 3 children were born and raised in Jamestown.

Families do matter.. family history is as important as town history. as that is what makes the town. Jamestown is a small island to some but a mighty island to those who live there. And I just want it to be part of the record, that the Aaron Richardson family was and is part of that island..

all of this information is due to my Aunt Harriet, who is the daughter of Aaron r. and Harriet e. Without her, all of us cousins would have to start from scratch. 
and this is my 2500 post...a lot of words.


kate mccabe said...

I know this is from a few years ago...not sure if you still even check the comments. I am helping my son on an ancestry project for school and came across this blog post. Harold Richardson is my grandfather. My mother, Beverley, is his youngest daughter. My youngest son is named Chase (as in Harriet's maiden name). Thanks for sharing this history!

Word Tosser said...

Hi, Kate... we are second cousins... how wonderful your son's name is Chase following the family....
You should get ahold of your Aunt Nancy, I shared a great deal of information with here.. pictures.... also a copy of our Grandfather Aaron Richardson citizenship papers when he became a citizen of the US.. from Sweden..
Your grandfather and my father (brothers) were a hoot together.. even in their 80's.. one time on a visit back home.. I was talking to your grandfather across from their gas station.. and my father snuck behind him.. and took a piece of grass and tickled your grandfather behind the knees.. goes to show even at the age of 82 (my father) they still torment their kid brother.. Tell Chase good luck with his project... I have a daughter who is doing all of the families on so if he is missing some holes.. let me know.... and we will see if we can help.