Tuesday, September 09, 2014

September seems to be the month..Or maybe it was January

I have for just today.. 3 birthdays... A son in law, a daughter in law and a friend's daughter...  Yesterday was my cousin's and a friend..

Then we have a British friend on the 19th..and a grandson...
 oh, yeah, my niece on the 11th and  the 18th is King's friend.
And  one more friend on the 16th...

All I can say is.. January was a very busy month...

This one is going to be short, as I spent Monday in Spokane with
the King.. and for those who asked.. the surgery went great.  In
fact he barely got sat down and it was time to get back up.. he
had cataract and laser surgery, putting in a lens.  The paper work
and evaluation went for almost 2 hours.. the surgery about 10/15
As they say.. easy peachy..

And for those who are local and are thinking about it.. we can not
say enough kind words for Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute in


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