Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wow, another month shot ...done... gone...

Is it me.. or are the months zooming by?
I thought it was just a day or two ago, that
we were celebrating the last b-b-que of
summer ... on Labor Day..

And here we are at the break of October. Will
it be Halloween in a day or two?  With the
summer zooming by in lightening speed..
And now September flashed by before my eyes.

I have been hanging on as hard as I can for the summer
to stay, but they say Fall started last week...

I have got all my yard art and different things put away
in the totes for next summer, but with the warmth of
the days.. and even the cool of the evenings.. I still
am in denial.

Usually October 1st means flannel sheets are back on
the bed, the summer clothes are put away and the
sweaters are out, along with long pants and heavy
jackets..  But I am still wearing shorts, and my summer
clothes are still in the drawer.

Got to ask, will Winter go by as fast as summer did? I

sure hope so.. 

1 comment:

Mari Meehan said...

Wishful thinking. Winter never goes by as fast! Lol.