Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Friendship, friendship

It's friendship, friendship, just a perfect
blendship. When other friendships have
been forgot, la la da... as the song goes.

This week, we have some friends staying
with us.. we go way back.. so far back to
my ex.. So I guess because we aren't in-laws,
we are out-laws. But best of all, we are friends.

We go back about 54 years.. he was my
brother-in-law.. and of course making her
sister-in-law.. and we have remained friends
over all these years.  We seem to get together
about every 5 years or so. Sometimes meeting
at the family reunion.. but as it has been
several times,  but they go the many extra
miles to come over to see me after they see
the Washington coast family. Quite a honor,
if you ask me.

We have one of those friendships that it
doesn't matter if it is a day, 5 years or more
we start up right where we left off.
The years are starting to take their toll on
all of us.. few more aches and pains, but

the love and respect is still strong. 

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