Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I know, summer has been gone for a while. But the
temperatures have been nice with our Indian Summer.
But today, it is cloudy.. no sun.. and promise of rain.
And I hear the heater kicking in and out.

This past weekend, the King and I put the yard to
bed for the winter.. Gone are the table and chairs, the
lounge chairs, the pots all over, the flowers on the veins.
The yard looks empty.

Still have the deck to do.. being a die heart with my shorts
and the deck with small table and wall art still in place, I
know I might be able to catch a day or two before Halloween.
And the yard sale kites that became yard flags.

But actually, I am almost looking forward to doing fall and
early winter. It is the start of the next section of the year.
The cooking for Christmas part. The chocolate zucchini breads,
the jams and cookies for the Christmas baskets that we
give for gifts.  So it will be emptying out the freezer of
shredded zucchini's and the rest of the things we froze
with cooking in mind for the cooler weather.

So good bye Summer, I really, really did enjoy you this
year. Hopefully with our new greenhouse we can get
a good jump on plants next Spring and start with the
parade in May of yard art coming out of storage and

returning to the yard. 

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