Monday, October 27, 2014

Funerals weekend....

This past weekend the King and I, along with his brother and wife, and his sister attended a funeral per weekend day. Meaning one Saturday and one Sunday. 
They were nephew and aunt ...
Never done two funerals in one weekend.. Hope to never do it again.

It is sad to lose one's friend, but to lose two is even harder. While the age was appropriate for one.. she was almost 95. The other one was another victim of cancer.  Fought the good fight, as they say.
But none the less.. he is gone.. and left a huge emptiness.

The man was a gentleman and a gentle man.. He was ...what you could say, he was considered an uncle to the whole Vay valley.  The King worked for him as a teen.. zillion years ago. And has been close to him all these years. Watched his friend's children grow in to adulthood.  Fine children to be proud of. The other was like a grandmother to him. And his mom's best friend.

The Kings visits will probably be less in the area.. yes, he still
has friends there.. but these two were a must see each time
he went out there.. So he will feel off kilter.

Will miss the fine wonderful soft spoken man... and of course
will miss.. "COME IN.. ARE YOU HUNGRY?" and of course
you better say yes, or her feelings would be hurt..

No doubt at all that both of these will be up there, watching

over us all.. God Bless.... Louie and Daisy...    

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