Thursday, October 09, 2014

The kid inside of me...

Do you know what this?
You might guess a toilet paper roll.
But think bigger.. it is a paper towel
roll. But it really doesn't make a
difference which size it is.. the results
are the same.

After the paper towels are gone, and
you are removing the roll to replace with
a full one, what do you do with the empty
one on the way to the garbage pail?

Can you resist putting it up to your lips and
give it at least one toot to toot sound.. or
even give it a few more  musical sounds or
a tune (if you are lucky enough to be musically
incline, unlike me, tone deaf) or so?

It is like bubble wrap... give any adult a bit
of bubble wrap, be it 2 inches long, or a sheet
of it.. You will find yourself ...pop...pop..pop..
it just automatic with the fingers... you can't
help yourself.

Is there something that you do, like this, no
matter how old you are?

Guess we all have a kid inside of us, no matter
how old we get.


1 comment:

Mari Meehan said...

It keeps us young. Doesn't it?