Thursday, October 23, 2014

Repost and comedy...

I have been asked by 4 people to do a repost of Monday's post... here is the link
You do know you could have scrolled down to Monday, right... T. M. L. and T. lol

Any way for the comedy...

I got my Bonner County History Museum 2015 Calendar.. 
and what a hoot... 
Some of the smiles to out and out laughing are:
 but you really need to stop by the Museum and see if 
they have any for sale... 
The calendar has in it.. things from 1915. 
There are quite a few post cards on it.. that are neat. 

On July 15 .. the owner of the Grill denies he intends to marry one 
Mrs. Gertrude Skinner. 
Which brings us to July 20th.. 5 days later... Mrs. Gertrude Skinner claims $284 in back wages from the Grill... (there went that love affair

Since Dinky train taken off past Kootenai, trains 41 and 42 will shift schedule slightly. (this is exact wording from the newspaper)
(now tell me.. what is a Dinky train? with a large D, so not a description). 

These I found interesting..

They had a gambling problem so they ran a person undercover so they would know when to raid the pool room. You have to read who they had for the undercover person.. this is in January. 

Also the first bloodhounds purchased by Priest River, and how they
found the thief and what he had. 

In February you learn about the possible new state called Lincoln. 
(some of this is has been a discussion in recent years.)
And the naming of the schools of today and their old names. 

In April, how a woman saved her cabbage from the snow.. red jackets.

In May, The new mayor forbidding the police officers from drinking in the saloon while on duty.

two 4th Avenue soiled doves skip town.. (soiled dove?) and it wasn't birds, I guess

all dogs without muzzles will be shot.. due to rabies outbreak. 
(little harsh, I would say...dare I say anything about the recent CD'A incident?)

July... a man got disgusted by Grand Opera, as all the singing at once AND in Italian... so he left. 

August they started the paving of 1st street ... for 2 blocks.. and finished in in late September celebrated in October with street carnival and Mardi gras.
(unlike the on going forever paving of 95 from co op to Walmart)

October has unsavory trio ordered to leave the city.. you will have to read who they were. 

November you will have to read how a federal prisoner escape.. Keystone cops, maybe? 

Then last is September.. a Tom English boarded a Spokane International Railroad with 2---2 quart bottles of alcohol. 
After entering the car he had an accident, dropping
both bottles on the floor.. (you got to read this as it is a hoot.. Oh, heck, I got to tell you this one.. as it was the funniest of all.)  It seems that he was so mad at dropping
them..he tried to destroy them all... he kicked one of the bottles, and the calk of his boot striking the metal in the floor of the car, causing a spark to fly which ignited the alcohol. The draft through the car cause by the speed of the train.. fanned  the blaze setting 
fire to all the inflammable material in the car. Many of 
the passengers were wet with chemicals, used by the train crew in their effort to control the blaze.  

Yep, you got to get his calendar.. I only gave you a few of the highlights.. it is a hoot. 


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