Monday, October 06, 2014

Facebook is a puzzlement

The more I check Facebook, the more
I have to shake my head.

I use Facebook 90% to see my
grand children and great grandchildren
pictures.. And any my own kids post.
Get to see what their general life is
doing.. as we all don't.. well, maybe
I better say 99% of us, don't put real
personal stuff on.

So what I do with the other 10% is
"share" pictures and video's that I see.
Most are funny ones, at least I think is
funny.. Some are encouraging words.

And with that in mind, it blows my mind,
when some one will take it personal.
I don't have any one in mind when I share.
Well, maybe if I share a encouragement one,
I might have someone or someones.. in
mind. Knowing they are having a hard time.

Twice I had someone take offense at ones
I put on "about them".. which it wasn't.
One even unfriended me. Oh, well, if they
are that touchy, I guess I won't miss them.
I am just there for the pictures and fun.

Have you ever had someone get mad at
something you posted, and you did it in

general.. with no one in mind?

1 comment:

Idaho Dad said...

I can't imagine taking personal offense at someone's photo or quote, unless it was a picture of me with a target on it or something. :)

Maybe Facebook is just a way to see which of our friends and acquaintances has psychological problems.