Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Plants and the black thumb

This is my cactus plant. My house plant. And it is
still alive. And amazingly, throwing out flowers like

What is so amazing is ... I have a black thumb.
I hold my own with outside plants. But bring
in them in my house, and it is certain death.
I am so bad.. that years ago.. my husband
who passed away in 1986, brought home a
dead plant he found. Said he knew I couldn't
kill it because it was already dead.

I have had this plant for about a year or so. It
had given me hope twice. that it might do
well.. it had 3 flowers on it ... twice. Then buds
that kept falling off.  I tried it in the kitchen.
Nothing. I had it in the living room, still
nothing. I even had it outside during the summer.
And it almost died. I thought cactus loved heat.

So when it came time to bring it in the house.
I was at wits end on where to put it. So figured
I had nothing to lose, and put it in my bedroom.
Next to the window, but with a netted curtain.
AND LO AND BEHOLD... you see what I have.
Can't believe it. Did see two buds on the desk
beside the pot, but the rest are going gang
busters.  Maybe I better not say anything more.
Might jinx it. Might find all the flowers on the

floor tomorrow.  

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