Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Are we softening up our kids?

We have everyone has to win system. You know, can't have
any one deal with failure.

Then we have the buy presents on one kid's birthday, for all the kids, so the other kids don't feel left out.. so much for a special day for the kid whose birthday it is.

Now we have taken the monkey bars out of the parks and
on the news. there is the removal of swings.  SWINGS..

SWINGS, FOLKS.. How many millions of children have
been on swings all over the world? How many children
got killed?  Maybe in the past 100 years there is maybe 50,
if that.  How many have been hurt.. well, there we do
have a few hundred? ... in 2 years.  None seriously.
Considering how many trillion, over the last 100 years
that we all have been swinging, at school, at parks and
in the back yards.

What a shame to remove them. Richland, Washington has
them removed.. and Spokane is heading that way.. Don't know how many more will be running with the crowd. Spreading to the park or school near you.  Will they outlaw swings in your back yard?

Yes, if you aren't careful, you can fall off the swing. Or if
one is dumb enough or not paying attention, you can
get hit by the feet of someone as you walk in front or behind
a swing in motion. But to take it away because
of the few?  

Say nothing of the thrill of the swing itself. Be
you the wild and crazy one, like myself.. who went as high
as I could..even trying to have one leg of the unit leave the
ground... and some times jumping off while the swing was
6 feet up in the air. 

Or just the lull of the slight swing, as you daydream about anything.  Or having your parents swinging you for the first time. Or even swinging your sibling, or they swing you...You pushing your child?

To miss all of this?


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