Thursday, October 16, 2014

Liar's Club Convention

Around 1970 there was a game show called the 
Liar's Club.
Stars would tell a story about something or 
someone and the contestant would have to judge 
if it was the truth or not.

Well, once again we have the country attending a Liar's Club Convention. It happens every 2 years.. and really gets strong every 4 years.  Others called 
it election year.
We have it local and we have it state wide and national wide.

I have a site that I go to, to see what is true and what is not as it gets hard.  it is called It is a non biases site.. It doesn't 
take sides, it just has the truth.
Some of the stories that people get by with about their opponents is scary. You wonder how they can get away with that.  It is out and out lies. But because the ad says it, some think it is the truth.  
A lot of people do, and repeat it as truth.

I wonder what would happen if all politicians  had to take a pill that made them tell the truth.  Now that would be interesting.

The skeptic that I am.. I look things up and when I see that it is a lie, then the rest of what that person says, is a lie to me.. Which basely means all politicians lie.
They just don't call it lying.. they call it spinning.
My mother use to say, if it looks like a duck, quacks
like a duck and  walks like a duck.. it is a duck..

So spin if you must, but if it sounds like a lie, looks
like a lie.. then it is a lie.. and you belong to the
Liar's club.. and I am tired of trying to figure out
if it is or not. 

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