Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Last steps of fall....

We are finally getting colors ... leaves are finally falling to the
ground... and it is dark by 5:30pm.. well dark enough. By 6
for sure.

Took the finally things off of the deck, today.. was trying to get a last cup of coffee ... one last one on the deck in the morning..but with the wind.. it is just too cold, so gave up the ship.

The tables and chairs are put away.. the wall art is
packed in the sheds.. the huge wind chime is in the living
room.. Only thing left out is two pots and a lot of my solar
lights.. still light the deck edge and lawn edge... along
with the kites still flying.

I know I have enough in the house to keep me busy for
the winter, but just not looking forward to it.. I need to
clean out my file cabinet.. I started last March, but did not
make a dent in it... and then there are some books I like to
read.  I got them 10 years ago, or was it more than 12 years
ago.. before I retired. I figured I would have more time, so
bought for later.. Funny, as that was before tablets like Nook
and alike.. but I still like the feel of a real book.

So as the sun sets with its reddish hue in the far distance.. I
feel sad that the warm days are less. And I know I will be
sleeping in more .. already started it.. My body is a day light
awareness, so no sun, no daylight...Cis is cuddled under the
warm covers with Misty... until the daylight comes thru the window at about 7:15am.  Long time after my summer rising at 5:30 to 6am...

Finally gave up the shorts, and back to long pants.. ah yes,
fall you are leaving us soon.. your leaves are turning faster,
and hitting the ground faster.  And the hint of snow up on
the ridge of the mountain. 

Looking out my windows..


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