Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My kingdom for a throne...

Why is it, when things go to hell, they go to hell in a
hand basket? 

With a full house.. meaning us and  two guest.. our
toilet decided to go to hell in a hang basket?
On a weekend...

So Googled the brand, so we could see if we could
get parts. As this is one of those high end, fast
flush models.. and we got it about 6 year ago.

OH, NO... no parts because.. they discontinued
this model and there is no parts sold anywhere.
Especially the interior of the tank.

So back to square one.. After trying to make
shift.. it is time to bite the bullet and spend
the $$$ for a new one.

Which is part of the rub.. see I don't care.. I
want to go back to an standard toilet. Less
problems and fixable by even me. Pretty

But not the King.. he wants one like the one
that sits there.. Why? MORE POWER..
one of his joy when we first got it, was
the reaction of people when they came
out of the room.. See this toilet, like I
said.. is a high end fast flush models.
The one that is LOUD, and sounds
like it is going to flush you down with
everything else.

So we will see today who wins.. it is off
to HOME DEPOT... as I am tired of
dissecting the tank to manually push
the tiny plunger.  And after doing it
himself twice, he came out bellowing

My kingdom for a throne.. lol..  

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