Thursday, October 02, 2014

Send off meals...

Do you remember when friends and family
came to visit from out of state or even within
the state but long distance, and when they left
you had a basket full of fried chicken, and apples
and treats, for their trip home?

Our friends and I were talking about it. As when
I lived in San Diego, and El Cajon, and our sister
in law came down from Washington state, we
would make the basket.  And now.. no one does.
At least we couldn't name anyone who did it.

We figured with fast food places everywhere,
no one needed the basket anymore.. And even
the gas stations have a quick sandwich and snacks
so you don't even have to stop to eat, just grab
and on your way again.

Kind of a shame. 

1 comment:

Mari Meehan said...

My mother-in-law always fixed sandwiches for us where ever we'd leave from a visit. It was really nice. DIdn't have to stop or spend money!