Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Eyes have it....

Yesterday, we went into  Spokane to the Pacific Cataract and
Laser Institute and the King got his other eye done.  We got
there early and they got us in right away.

It was amazing. See they take him and do something to the
eye to get it ready, put a rubber ball on his eye to help the
pressure. With that and the blue cap they put on their people
it is quite a sight. Wish I had brought my camera..

After about 5 minutes, later they come to take him
back to the surgery room. .then the amazing takes place.
They let the spouse go into this narrow room which is
just on the other side of the glass wall. There is a monitor
on the wall and I could watch the whole surgery. Which
goes by fast.. about 10 minutes. One of the gals went
in with me and explain what they were doing as they
where doing it. How they slice a little 1/8 of a slice in
the eye, squirt some stuff in there, on the natural
lens with the cataract. Actually is kind of goes to liquid,
and then they suction it out.  After they get all the debris
out, they slide in the folded new lens made by humans.
Which flattens out and forms to the eye, and seals back
up. Each lens is fitted for that person.  So in other words,
what works for him, would not work for me.

As I watch, I thought about the wonderment of  God
and mankind..  First God makes one while the baby
is growing in the womb and one has those lens
for life for some. Others who get cataract have surgery.
But I had to wonder.. who was the first one to ever have
this operation done on them? Was it scary?  And what
about the person who came up with the idea in the
first place. And who made the first one to be planted?
Did they know it would work, or was it a matter of

By the way, if you are in line to have this done and
your doctor sends you to Pacific Cataract and Laser.
Relax.. they are wonderful there. All the people who
work there are the most friendly, comforting guiding
people we have ever met.

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