Monday, November 03, 2014


Yes, I am shouting.. because everyone over the age
of 18, who is an American,  has the right to vote...
Sadly there are those out there who take it for granted.
Who say .. what difference is my vote? I will let the
others vote and go along with them..  What difference?
Well, you might be surprised that some elections have
been decided by ONE vote..

Of course the other thing is.. the ones who bitch
constantly about who is in.. or what got passed...
and when you ask them .. did they vote?  Well,
no, I didn't have time.. I forgot... it doesn't do
any good.. and other excuses..  But by that
time I have turn a deaf ear..   If you didn't think
enough of the subject or who was running, so
you didn't vote.. then you have no right to
complain or have any one listen to you
seriously ... VOTING gives you bitching
rights.. and who knows.. maybe .. just maybe
your guy will get in..


vote just might  make a difference... 

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