Monday, November 10, 2014


I got a email with pictures of horse and different animals with
different colors.. forgot the title to it.. but saw this picture and
it  brought back memories of 50 years ago..

Over the years my parents had several breeds.. First starting
out with what they called walk trot horse.. meaning, American
Saddlebred.. then  a couple of 5 gaited, switching to jumpers
after that.. After I left home, they switched to Hackney ponies.They were smaller and used mostly in buggies, easier for them to handle in their elder years. .

This is a 5 gaited show horse. Which is a branch of the
American Saddlebred. .  Most of the ones I saw were
one solid color.. only saw on paint before. We are use to 3 gaits.. walk, trot and canter.. 
Those who have showed horses know that we do that at the command of the ringmaster.. and then reverse, (going the other direction) and again to the command of the ring master..

5 gaits are .. walk, slow gait, trot, canter and rack.
Slow gait is like of a slow lope like that western riders
is use to.. Rack is a very fast pace..

Nothing stirs the juice than to hear the ring master
yell out.. RACK ON... as a rider.. you will either have
every bone in your body jarred to pieces.. or it will
be the thrill of a ride... As you hold the reins in your
hands tight.. (English have two reins) and the power
goes thru those reins ... thru your body, as the hooves
hit the ground like powerful pistons on a fine running
machine... and the ride is like a powerful racing
sulky ride, without the sulky. ( A sulky  is a lightweight
cart having two wheels and a seat for the driver only, like
in harness racing).

closing my eyes and remembering the feeling... RACK ON..

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