Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I have decided that Monday's should be a day of rain..

I have come to this decision because, I need a day
to put aside to do all my serious stuff.  You know
like pay the bills, get the laundry done, vacuum
the floors, and scrub the rest of them.  And what
better day to do that, but a crappy raining day.
Not just a rainy day, but one of pour down rain.
Maybe thru in a bit of wind. The kind of day, you
don't want to leave the house.  And Monday,
the day after the weekend.. is an ideal day.

That leaves the rest of week to do the things
you like.. The walk in the park, yard work in
the summer. All things outdoors. And in the
winter, all good things inside the house, or
to leave to have lunch with friends..

Yep, I declare Monday's to be the day of
pour down rain... Wonder if God would

go along with that?

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