Thursday, November 20, 2014


So there I was.. whipping thru the negatives with
my new toy..  Took me about 2 hours or so, after
figuring out what I did wrong in the first place.
As I could download the negative but was having
problems getting the positive.. the picture.

Ok, so I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer
when it comes to electronics. Usually I have
to have my grandson come over and set things
up, but he moved to Hawaii.  So now it is my
daughter. But this was a little box.. so how
hard can it be?

After trial and error, I finally got it.. And off I
went.. whipping thru those 135's like I knew
what I was doing.  Sharing the pictures... This
is a snap, I said to myself...

Then it happen.. in my sharing, I am sending
out pictures left and right.. Everyone is happy.
BUT they start to notice something with a few
of the pictures.. Well, let's see if you can tell
the difference?

In case you didn't notice.. which by the way
there were some people who jumped on
this right away... In the one set, it was the
backwards letters.. well, actually it worked
that way in both sets.. just one was on a
shirt. I didn't notice it.. so goes to show
I look at the over all picture and others look
at details.  Did you figure it out? Look at 
my brother's shirt..the letters. Then the
awning in the horse pictures. 
I put the negatives in backwards, so the
pictures came out backwards. Oh, well,
life is a learning lesson, no matter how

old you get.  

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