Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My New Toy

We all have at least one of these...
If it isn't a box, then it is a bag, or a drawer.
Full of negatives...

I have tried over the years to see what is on
these and are they even worth keeping..
I have had one of those lights that you put
the negatives strips on it and it lights it up,
but it is still small.. you are are looking at
a negative, not a picture...

Then I saw one of these about a year ago,
and just missed a sale at Costco for one.

Two weeks ago, when it was raining cats and
dogs, I got the box out and tried to look at the
envelopes that the negatives were in.. from the
store and tried to put them in bags by years.
70's, 80's, 90's and etc.  And as I trip over
the box a couple of times.. I thought I would
look and see what I could find.

Well, here it is.. it arrived yesterday.. and I
download 149 pictures.. some were old ones
I remember and some I didn't.  It was tiring
enough after 2 hours of download. But I was
revived when I put the card into my computer
and up pops up pictures..  some of them
fade from the years.. but still worthy.

After putting them in folders for each subject,
then it was share time. And have had fun

But this is just the start. As I was working on
the 1970 bag.. and there are more but they
are 110, where the ones I did were 135.
And I still have the 80's, 90's, 00's bags..
yet to do.

I need to order a 110 slide.. don't know why
they didn't have that instead of the slide one.
But that is ok.. this is going to make a heck
of a winter project.

Right after I get done with Thanksgiving dinner
planning and getting supplies and cooking it.
And then after Christmas baking the first two
weeks of December, which is flying up here soon.

But I am excited.. Don't know what I ever did with
my 1960's negatives.. probably got lost in all the
moving deals. 

So if you see one of these and wonder if it is worth
it to get.. the answer is yes, as it turns the negative
to a picture in the box.. and then saves it on the card
which you put in your computer and wha la.. bingo...

you have prints.



Anonymous said...

Could you share the name of this item, where purchased and the price?

Word Tosser said...

Amazon ...

Wolverine F2D14 14 MP 35mm Slides and Negatives to Digital Image Converter
Sold by TopsApplianceCity