Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Have you ever noticed?

I have noticed when you see a man on television, especially
government officials.. they wear a charcoal grey  or black suit. Rarely if ever a brown or tan one.

News reporters also wear suits.. usually the black or grey...
There was a man who just came out, that was in broadcasting business as a reporter or anchor.  He wore the same suit every day for a year... No one noticed.

Women wear all kinds of colors.  Dresses, business suits, skirts and blouses.. flowers, stripes, spots, and even dots. And of course get remarks about such.

It seems like the only statement a man can make is ...his tie.
The thing I wondered, did he change ties? The guy who wore
the same suit every time for a year. 

I notice ties, guess because that is all there is to notice with
guys.  As I watched yesterday, with the President, Chuck Hagel and Joe Biden,  I wondered did they know what color tie the other were going to wear? As Biden and Hagel's matched..... purple.
The President had what appeared to be a black and grey mix.

Red seems to be the one most like. Yellow is a rarity. So next
time you are bored when you see the politicians or even the
reporters on, check out the tie color.

1. I am telling you, that I am thankful for my life.. the bumps,
which made me strong.. the highs that gave me strength to
continue on... the sadness, that has kept me humble, and the
 joys, of the people I know.. that makes life worth while...

2. I am thankful for my friends.. I don't make friends easily. I
have a lot of acquaintances. But I have two handfuls of friends.
A friend is someone who accepts you for who you are. Some
one you can count on, and you for them. And those friends last for years.. many years... I don't take them for granted. I am humble that they let me call them friends.. for which I am

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