Thursday, November 06, 2014

Strange Bed Fellows, indeed...

You know, I  voted for over 50 years... some more often than not. And mostly the locals is what is my interest.. because.. I use to know the people.. not as friends, but know them.. Or had friends who knew them well... And of course past history if they had won before... 

But the more time goes by.. the less I know the candidates.. and the records aren't always known.   And nationally, well, all you know is the face you see on the television..  It is kind of like social media, where you know what you read, but you don't really have a clue of what the real person is like. And unless you go to 
C-Span, you don't have a clue what bills they are putting up or voting for, unless it is some sensational one that the media
picks up on. 

And of course over the years we have learn, at least most of us have, they will say ANYTHING to get elected.. Just like Romney a few years back, when he was asked by a reporter as he was getting into a car.
The question pertained to a subject of great interest and on the minds of the nation... but Mr. Romney answer was more truth than anything he could have said...   His answer? I can't be bothered about that, I have a race to win.. and got into the car. 

With all that said.. I have to ask myself, why did I think things would be any different this time?  The locals went fine, and my local gal won by 2 to 1 vote.. and the only reason why it was of concern was, because the tea party tried to unseat her in the primaries... and fail, so they threw their weight behind a candidate of the Constitutions Party. 

But when it came to the folks in Boise... well... I just had to shake my head. 
See Idaho never met a Republican that they didn't like... But even so...the Governor has so many black marks on his record... the polls for years talks about how we are the 47th in the nation.. for education... 47, folks out of 50... there is talk of the FBI coming in to investigate how he handled the private run prison.  His cutting of funds for the handicap and etc.. is well known..  And his constant grandstanding on same sex marriages and 
Obama care.. to the point where the courts said it is illegal, and let the same sex marriages go thru.. he throws down the block with in hours to stop it.. and when that too, is thrown out.. he is ready to do it again.. Beating a dead horse with our tax paying money.. after all we have to pay for these actions.   
So there was a movement going thru the state.
A.O.B.O.  Any One But Otter.  Yet, he won with a wide margin. 
Another young lady who ran on the Education Dept. Who was making wild stories about herself.. which were not based on truth.. one of which she said she was voted Employee of the year 4 or 5 times.. truth was she never won and was only nominated once..  She too, won by a wide margin. 
I won't even go into our representatives in Washington DC...

I just don't get it...maybe it is like when you were like a kid... you could bad mouth your kid brother, but don't let anyone else do it..  They rather have an undesirable candidate who is Republican, than to have a good candidate who will work for the people.. 

So we will see what the next two years bring, nation wide as well as state wide.  But at least we have one candidate going back to Boise, who has worked for the people for 12+ years. 

Well, next week, I am going back to finding humor in my life.. with the way things are going.. I am going to need it. 

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