Tuesday, November 11, 2014


This day should never ever be forgotten.. it should always be
observed. It bothers me that my own state has decided to have the children go to school on this day.. It has always been in my time (there goes that old person saying) a day off from school.. it is a FEDERAL HOLIDAY.  Our neighboring states are not having school.  I truly hope that the schools will
teach what this day means in our history. 

To me, this is even more important than Memorial Day. As I was taught that Memorial day is to honor  ALL that have passed away. Military or not.   
But VETERAN'S DAY is for all those who have
served and still are serving.. for the those who gave their lives or are still living.. in and out of the service.

To those who have served.. past and present...to those who
are serving... THANK YOU... seems like small words.

Herbert Brownell
Gary Gors
Sandra Gors
Edward Gors
Marvin K. Hughes
Everett F. Linekin
Harold C. Richardson
Garlyn Tupper
Arthur B. Worel jr.
Dick Worel
John C.Worel
Stanley D. Worel
William L. Worel

These are just a few of the men, and women who are in
my world... that I know personally... 

There are so many out there.. Men and women that we should stand proud for them, as they have stood proudly for us..

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