Monday, November 24, 2014

Why can't we just get along...

We all live in towns or cities. We live in a neighborhood.
We have neighbors either on one side or two sides. Some are
a block away, some are acres away.

We live our lives in our own home. And so do our neighbors.
We all have a head of household in those homes, as they do
in theirs. 99% of us, have no interest in how the other house
hold go about their business.  Because it is none of our business.
And we wouldn't want them to them to tell us how to run our
household.  Yet, we like that neighbor and his family.
We get along, even if we aren't best friends... we get along
and if they are having trouble, we help out.  Even if their
belief about life is different from ours. Even if they run
their household way different than we do. We get along
by not trying to change them.. but letting everyone live
their own lives as they so chose.

So why can't countries be the same?  And why can't
religions be the same. Why can't we let each and
every religion, run their place of worship as they see
fit. And they let us run our religion as we see fit,
without trying to change how they or we do our ways?

Pretty simple, right?  But it sure would be nice.. And
it isn't just the other religions... it is the Christians as
well.  Our churches here send over missionaries to
change other countries minds about their religion.

Some do go over and help out, and if asked will
tell about  their religion.. but most of them try to
change their minds.  And that is just as bad as
some of them trying to kill Christians because
they aren't Muslims or what ever religion they

We need to live and let live.. and mine our own


In the spirit of this week.. with THANKSGIVING.. 
I am going to try to think of at least 2 things I am
thankful for...
1. I am thankful for my family. Each and every
one of them.. Husband, children(even the ones 
I don't get along with) , grandchildren
great grandchildren, Aunts, cousins, and in laws. 

2. I am thankful that God has kept me healthy. 
And so far, of sound mind and able to do most things. 

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