Friday, January 13, 2006


I am curious to why people are
saying they are happy for Brad
Pitts and Jolie with the news of
their new baby. He is adopting
her other two children.

All the talk shows are saying it.
The only concern they have is for
Brad's ex. They are concern
of how she feels. That is the
only negative thing I have
heard said.

Am I missing something here?
Am I the only one who noticed
that there is no word about
marriage. The people are
screaming about gays marrying
and no one says anything about
these two, in their glee of parenting,
with no marriage.

Is gay marriage worse than no
marriage at all? Is that going to
be the new trend? I don't get it.
They seem more worried about
how Aniston is going to take this.
She has already said... I am so
over this... I am not a victim...
And the people only seem to care
about her feelings. Yet, have Ellen
or Rosie O. Elton John, talk about
getting married and everyone is in
a panic.

It isn't an issue of whether
gays marry, or even those who
chose not to marry, but do
we go ga ga over some one who
just skips over the marriage part?
Is marriage out now? We don't
mention it because they are famous?

When it involves small children, it makes
me sad, that marriage is not important.

But guess that just makes me old
fashion... not with the times.
which I am glad.


jb3ll3 said...

Doesn't make you old fashioned; makes you a woman who has raised 8 kids. Clearly you have some expertise in this area and you know, from first hand experience, that it's better for the children when they live with both a mother and a father. That's what it makes you, too: a person who looks at it from the kids' perspective. You're the best, Cis. Have a great weekend.

jb3ll3 said...

Can you tell I am in my automatice end of the week work mode? I've wished you happy weekend twice. (sigh) (sorry)

Word Tosser said...

King calls me McGoo because I don't see as well, and too stubborn to go get glasses renewed. But I have looked this over 4 times, I only see have a good weekend once... except where you went to tell me about it.

jb3ll3 said...

last night's comment. gee, I don't feel 150 years old now. thanks!

God's Helper said...

You are not the only one who feels old fashioned. That was the way my Mother raised me!! Have a geat weekend.. I get three days off.. AND, stop picking on the King.. My guy can see with his on or off...

Phil said...

I brought this subject up (unmarried couples having kids) on my blog once and got roasted for it. Seems like so many people don't want to be judgemental about stuff like that, and they refuse to recognize that it's harmful to the children to not have the commitment of both the mom and the dad. I grew up in the 70's, but I definitely do not have the "anything goes" attitude that many of my generation have adopted.