Monday, January 23, 2006

Watching Sunday TV

We have New York on our satellite
so we can get east and west coast.

We watched the Extreme Make
over at 5 pm, and Desperate
Housewives and I would walk in
and out of the bedroom, to see the
Seahawks win their game.

I hope that the Seahawks do
better than my home team. The
Patriots. See they made it to Super
Bowl, in the late 1990's, but lost.
They had not been to the Super
Bowl before also. It took them
about 5 more years before they
got to come back and win.
Let's hope the Seahawks do better.

The Extreme Makeover left me with
a lot of questions. First of all, I didn't
personally think the old house was
that bad. It was an Earth House.
Not a basement with a roof like they
Which was big in the 80's and still
has merits. There is the heating
and cooling. Both are minimum with
an Earth House. As it stays cooler
in the summer than most houses do.
And the earth protects it, so it is
warmer than most houses in the
winter. Heating it is lower.

This 2 or 3 story (it looks 3)looks
like it is going to be a real heating
problem. Especially with gas
going up and it looked like one of
those gas fireplaces in his room.

The other is the taxes. And did
they pay off the original home
mortgage? How do they do that?
Do you still have to pay for your
place, just now you have this really
nice house? Or do they pay off
the mortgage? And then there
are taxes. This beautiful place
had to be running in the $300,000
ball park. Sure bigger taxes than
an Earth House.

Years ago in the 1960's there
was a show called Queen for a Day.
It was a wonderful show. They took
some poor person who really needed
help. They gave them all kinds of
things. But years later it came out,
the people had to sell off a lot of
the things given, because they
had to pay income tax on all
the "FREE" things. Does this
happen to these families?

Don't get me wrong. I think it
is wonderful what the show
does for the people.
But I wonder is there a down
side of this? I wonder how
many of the people who got
new houses, still live in them?
Someone said they thought the
show paid the first year, taxes.
But taxes don't stop at the
first year.
Just wondering.

And there was no mention
of the twin's brother, who
lives with his father.

I am happy for the family...
as I am for the Seahawks


stebbijo said...

I remember Queen of the Day!

I watched Extreme Makeover last night too. The house didn't look that bad to me either -- but then anything that has a roof on it looks good to me in these here parts. My old house outside of Clark Fork probably had more problems. Nice thing he did for the kids.

I did not recognize any locals in the show and I noticed the wood did not come from the area.

I don't see this guy losing his home to the county -- that would be another story. He is 'connected' now. Remember how 'they' waited 'till McGuckins husband died then swooped in for the kill, took the house and property and farmed out the children? That is what I remember of Sandpoint's compassion.

Bre said...

I read about it somewhere and I beleive they said the show goes through every loop hole they can to make sure the homeowners don't have to pay any more than what they were already paying. I see in a lot of shows their mortgage gets paid off by the construction company. I noticed last night they didn't pay off the mortgage, but they did recieve $50,000 and did you catch that Ty said "This will help you with the upkeep of the house, now spend it wisely" So that must have been how they plan to help them with the bills. I bet if you google extreme home makeover you'll find an article somewhere explaining how they do it.

Phil said...

I also wondered about the twins' brother... So much attention paid to the 8-year-olds. Hopefully his dad is doing a good job of making him feel special. And is there a guest room in the new house so the brother can come visit?!

With that high living room ceiling and the 20+ windows, good luck heating the place!

I think that house must be worth upwards of a million dollars with all the special touches inside and out. Not to mention the furniture, TVs, hot tub, landscaping!

Toni said...

I agree with Phil, Cis......that house is way more than $300,000. They are asking that for a double wide up the road from us!!! Real estate is so out of hand, but things are really sitting now, not selling, of course it is a slow time of year.

Word Tosser said...

The King said the same thing Stebbijo, he saw the lumber coming in from Wa. all ready prefabed.
Phil, I didn't see any guest room. Toni and I thought the so called Education room should have been set up for him when he visited. I found myself a cynic. And had to keep reminding myself, that this is good for the kids. Which is the reason for it.
$50,000 for the house? What happen to the money they said they were having for college fund for the kids?
It is for the kids, it is for the kids... got to keep reminding myself.