Tuesday, January 31, 2006

State of the Union Speech

Tonight is the State of the
Union speech. Which is
throwing the regular tv
schedule to the wind.

All your Tuesday shows
are not there except for
American Idol. So the
King will be happy.

I don't like to watch the
State of the Union speeches.
To me they are the cheerleading
show for the President.

Yes, he will promise all kinds
of things. And rarely do they
come true. He also brings to
everyone the "Look what I
have done for you" show.

That is the different programs
and he backs it up with people
in the audience. If you can see
the audience before he starts
you can pretty well figure out
what it is going to be.

The wife of the President is usually
sitting by these people. And lots of
times the First Lady will be in red.
I think that is so the President can
find out where these people are.

I am joking. Some of the Ladies
wear different colors, but red does
seem to be the most popular.

There is an hour of words, most of
it is promises never met. If it is,
then it comes out of yours and mine
pocket. It is hardly ever good news
for us, to do with our daily lives.
Gas going to be reasonable? $1.25
is reasonable to us. Not $2.25 and
rising. Are they going to take the taxes
we pay now, and put it on real things,
like education, and not outrageous
programs to see what the sex life of
the tse tse fly is? Are we going to have
reasonable insurances for health?
These are the issues most American's
want to hear and see happen.

But we will have the usual war in Iraq,
yes, we should be spying on every one.
And we need more money from you to
pay for more ideas.

So I will pass, I will read about it
tomorrow in the SR. Or on line. I
will get to see the major issues,
with out all the hoopla. And I am
sure there will be some news that
will report the hoopla too.

This isn't just Bush, it is all the
President speeches over the years.

Coretta Scott King, Martin Luther
King Jr.'s Widow, died. Another
great person passes away in our
history. May their children carry
the torch on.


Toni said...

I agree, Cis. I am not polically motivated. Will catch the important stuff on the news at 6:00 tonight anyway.

stebbijo said...

Thank God American Idol did not get cut. No sense in really ticking off the people.

Bill McCrory said...

I'm with you, Cis. Constitutional requirement aside, the State of the Union addresses are nothing more than self-serving prime-time television for whoever happens to be in office. If I ran the television world, I'd require C-SPAN to air it live and forbid anyone else from live coverage and post-speechification commentary. They also really mess up traffic in Washington, DC.