Wednesday, January 25, 2006


While my brother and I were
growing up we got the
usual diseases. Mumps,
measles, chicken pox,
I forgot what they called
the flu in those days. I
don't think it had a real name.

But one disease we were not
allowed. SchoolBusilitis
And I did not allow my
kids to get it either.

For those of you who
don't know what it is.
It is the sickness that
hits kids the night before
or in the early morning.
Especially early morning.
The child has all the
complains of upset stomach
feeling like they are
going to throw up. (kids
language). But no fever.
Then at 9:30 a.m. the child
is cured. Amazing. It is too
late to run the child to school.

My mother's cure was work.
And I learn well, as I used
the same cure.

See, after a child has to
clean up their bedroom,
and help with housework
until at least 4 pm. The
child decides it isn't worth
staying home. No TV, no
games, no reading books.
Unless it is homework.

They could have more fun
at school than this. So they
never seem to catch it again.
And if years dull the mind, they
learn really well with a repeat
dosage of work.

Now this seems cruel to some.
But now that my kids are grown
I see, just as my mother could.
All of us have a good work record.
I was out 6 times in 17+ years at
my last job. 3 of them were due to the
roads being block by snow. 3
due to sickness. The same is
true of my children. If they call
in, they really are sick.

When we had a nephew stay with
us for 6 months, he stayed home,
told my daughter that he felt a cold
coming. She laughed. She told
him he better get dress for school.
As when MOM finds out, you will
be going. She told him, only a
death certificate would get him
out of school. He went to school.

Before you report me to the higher
ups, my kids will also tell you, if they
really were sick, I was the one there
with the soup, meds and stories that
I read to them. And most important
medicine of all.. HUGS.

Friday I came down with this part
cold. Sore throat off and on. Now
that is gone, I have the nose problem.
Yesterday, got lots done, in my
attempt to work this stuff out.


stebbijo said...

When I was a kid, I loved school. Even wehen I was sick, I would run out of the house to get there. Mom would have to chase me down. I wanted my moment of fame with a perfect attendance - of which I received more than once.

Toni said...

When I worked, my sister-in-law babysat. The kids really took advantage of her and would pull this sick thing, to the point of the school calling her, and she would go pick them up. They knew she was a soft touch.

When I quite working they would try "missing" the bus. Seems I always had to go to town on those days.

Dogwalkmusings said...

Welcome, you and your nose, to my world.

stebbijo said...

Hey wordtosser -- just noticed that the Bee now allows comments to it's online edition? Slowly but surely these folks creep into the 21rst century. Better late than never -

granati said...

if i tried to stay home sick, my mom always said:
"no tv or playtime. if you are sick, you stay in bed; all day and all night."

that was her way of weeding out if we were really sick or not. if we were sick, then she was always there with the cherry 7-up and the chicken soup (or whatever we wanted to eat). funny how when my girls are sick, i run out and get the cherry 7-up too (or i have erin get it for myself if i'm sick. always made me feel better).