Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Let Your Smile be Your Umbrella

I am a born and raised farm gal.
So I know how important it is
to have rain. Many of Spring
time I have smiled as it rain.
Others growling, but I enjoy
the rain. It freshens the air.
And I really love the warm
rain in the summer.

But I got to ask you. Are we
having fun yet? Because I am
just about smiled out.

I have been trying to get
my outside Christmas
lights down and put away.
But between the rainy
days and the sunny
freezing days, I haven't
got them down yet.

I started this last night
with the idea of fleshing
it out this morning. Well,
it is fleshed out alright..
to the tune of 2 inches of
SNOW. Guess that is
what I get for asking..
"what snow" when
another area close by
got snow on Saturday.

Keep warm and dry.
And try to remember
this in late July, when
it is hotter than Hades


Toni said...

I agree with you about the rain; it never bothers me.......but, this is the wrong time of year, and I honestly would like to see moe snow.....after all, this is North Idaho! We got about 3 inches heavy snow last night.

God's Helper said...

We now have 3 inches of mud... What to trade???