Thursday, January 26, 2006

Teaching our Children What?

In this day and age, it was
my understanding that schools
are trying to get bullying out of
the schools.

That making fun of people
because of the way they dress,
the way they act, that is different
from the rest of the crowd, is not

But how can we convince the
students that bullying is not the
way to go, that making another
person miserable, is not right,
when they see it for 2 hours on
Tuesday nights and 1 hour on
Wednesday nights.

The very popular show that
they say is number #1. Has
the most viewers. And for those
hours you will see at least 2, some
times as many as 4 or 5 times,
1 to 2 of the judges make fun of
the contestants to the point of
bullying them. To me it is verbal
bullying them. Not about how they
perform, but how they look.

Would you stand by and watch
others say nasty things about
the character and physical shape
of another? Would you stand in
a school yard and not say anything,
if a student said these things to your
children? Would you let a teacher
belittle a student like they do on
that show?

How can we expect the impressible
students of the nation not to verbally
downgrade another, when people watch
this show and it is the #1 show that teens
as well as adults watch?

That show I would think you have guess,
is American Idol. My husband watches
this show. I have, when I walk thru the room,
I caught some of it. On Tuesday night, what
I saw was horrible verbal abuse that had
nothing to do with the singing of the person.
If they don't like the singing, say so, say
why. But to downgrade their appearance
or mannerisms, is rude and cruel.

And how can we expect the kids not to
do it when they go to school, when every
one thinks it is funny on television.

Have I watched this program? Yes, but
I usually join it about at the 12 level. I
haven't watched the beginning so was
really dismayed at the display. The one
judge does make rude remarks but at
least it has been about the performance.

Sad state of affairs when we downgrade
another in the name of humor. And yes,
Don Rickles, the few times I have watched
him, made me feel uncomfortable, so I
have changed the channel


Toni said...

I think negativity is part of our culture, maybe it makes someone else feel good to put another down. We all have our faults.
My son always says "what goes around comes around".......good words to live by. I don't watch American Idol....

stebbijo said...

I watch American Idol -- My husband tapes it for me so I won't miss it.

Some of those people who show up and think they have talent are at best naive? I wonder where they get the nerve?

I have heard show biz is tough and you need to meet the whole package criteria. Unfortunately, Simon is brutally honest. However, I liked it when Simon called that one girls employer so she could get her job back.

jb3ll3 said...

hi Cis! This show stumps me. It is so popular and it is so unnerving to watch these poor people get annihilated. You know, these same people that are vying for the top spot are protected in the workplace from those horrid remarks that Simon et al relish in. If they worked for the guy, he couldn't talk to them like that. Funny. Once I get rid of the jet lag, I am heading to Connie's for a bowl of soup. :)

stebbijo said...

Well that sounds like fun. Let's get together for a bowl of soup - early. And, if it works out - would you accompany me, so I can file a lien in Bonner County? I will need a get away car -- any takers?

It would be entertaining.

Word Tosser said...

Tuesday I work, and Wed. I am not home... any other day?>

stebbijo said...

My best day would be Monday. I have the PM shift now. At lunch we could review my lien before we file it. It will be a learning experience since I am not a lawyer but very gutsy even if it took me over 10 years to do it.